Month: June 2019

5 Reasons to Have a Minimalist Household

real estate pro edmontonWhat makes real estates in pro-Edmonton so attractive is their adaptation of the minimalist household. Envious of real estate interior designs? Here are reasons why you should start decluttering your home and get that Ikea magazine look.

1.) Enjoying the Things You Love

Because of too much stuff in your house, it’s difficult for you to focus on the things that you actually want. The mess in your home causes distraction and detachment. Once everything is decluttered, and you are able to let go of unnecessary things, you’ll finally be able to focus on things that bring you joy without having to dig them out of piles of clothes or boxes of papers.

2.) Having Space You’ve Always Wanted

An interesting fact: an average American woman has 120 of clothes in her closet, and only 20% of them are worn. Not only is it a waste of greens, but it takes up too much space as well. With that concept – having 80% of unused stuff – it will surely make you think, “I don’t have enough space.” Well, the truth is, you don’t need additional space, you just need less stuff.

3.) Relaxation and Contentment

A lot don’t realize it, but the reason why plenty of people love sleeping in hotel rooms is because of how spacious it is. The cleanliness and the organization make you sigh in relief. Coming home with boxes and clothes strewn everywhere with barely anything to step on overwhelms you, making you feel aghast. A cluttered room is one major trigger for stress, even if you don’t notice it.

4.) Investment of Time and Money

The reduction of choices in minimalism simplifies your life. You’re contented, and you enjoy the things you have after finally getting rid of that nagging voice in your head that makes you impulsively buy everything that catches your eye. However, when you do buy things, you’ll find yourself purchasing the stuff you actually need instead of the things that you just find pleasing. Also, knowing where everything is placed saves you the time in looking for them.

5.) Enjoying Moments

Once you’ve finally tidied up your home and you’ve learned to let things go, you’ll eventually realize that relishing the moment is more important than being connected to material things. You’ll enjoy going to the beach with friends, walking your dog in the park, and having dinner with your family.

Minimalism is basically about owning less, living simply, and surrounding yourself with the things you love. The minimalist lifestyle helps you unburden yourself of the clutter you once called home, improving and unwinding into a simpler yet elegant household. So go get a real estate pro-Edmonton now!

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Ventless Gas Fireplace

ventless gas fireplaceOne of the most iconic pictures of comfort is a home with a lovely fireplace keeping the family warm. However, not everyone can afford it. Also, it presents homeowners with plenty of safety concerns. One solution that has been gaining popularity is the ventless gas fireplace. Now before you jump on the hype train, here are some things you need to know before getting one.


Why Do You Need One?


First thing you want to know is why you would need such a fireplace. Well, of course, a fireplace is a great way to keep warm during cold months. The problem though is that modern housing design does not account for chimneys and even vents. So the installation of a traditional fireplace is problematic. A ventless fireplace, however, is much easier to install and frankly much cleaner.

How does it work?


So what happens is a gas unit is fed propane through a series of pipes while the flames stay up through gaps in fake logs. It is kind of like how a gas-powered barbecue grill works. For the used gas though it is sent back into the room of the fireplace traveling in a U shaped path. Oxygen comes through the bottom of the fireplace from the room; it then vents back to the room through the top.


Is it Safe?


For any, it is always safer to have a vent. Experts argue, however, that these types of fireplaces create minimal combustion that it presents no immediate threat. Still, such an appliance can’t go unregulated. Being relatively new, there are only patchwork regulations from a city level and higher for these kinds of fireplaces.


As of This writing, 34% of states allow the free use of this type of home heating. Still, as a countermeasure, there is the Oxygen Detection System or ODS. What it does is it turns off the system when oxygen levels reach a particular low.


Is it for Me?


However, it is still up to you. Some people are more cautious and see dangers in such a product. But, it’s helpfulness cannot be denied as well. Not to mention the many satisfied users. Still. It is your need that is important here, are you buying one just to show off or do you really need this kind of appliance. Those are a couple of things to consider.


4 Ways To Stop Pest Infestation

Whether or not the mess is visible, pest infestation can happen. Different pests will squeeze through your home. You can control this infestation by preventing it from happening. If the pests have already invaded your home, it is time to call Gilbert pest control.


The following are preventive measures to keep your home pest-free:


  1. Regular home cleaning


Sugary beverages that spill on the floor and bread crumbs that fall, these are a few examples that attract pests in an instant. The usual suspects are ants and cockroaches.


Therefore, make it a habit to perform cleaning activities on a regular basis such as vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, etc.


  1. Fix Leaking Pipes


One contributing factor of pest infestation is a leaking pipe. Cockroaches, ants, and rats like the standing water that leaky pipes provide them. Also, your leaking pipes at home attract termites as these invaders are fond of moist environments. Check your home for any leaking pipes or erosion. Repair any problems that you see at once.


  1. Cover Holes, Crevices, And Cracks


If there are entry points in your home for pests, then they are capable of penetrating inside. So, it is important to seal all those holes, crevices, and cracks in your house. You can seal, caulk, or plaster.


  1. Dispose Of Garbage Properly


The professionals at Gilbert pest control know the importance of proper garbage disposal. Garbage easily attract rats, flies, ants, and cockroaches.

Manage and dispose of your garbage properly to keep pests out of your property.


Invest in a high-quality trash bin that can withstand various elements. Do not forget to buy trash bins with lids. The lid will contain the smell of rubbish inside.


Also, avoid leaving your rubbish inside your house overnight. Take your garbage out regularly. Clearing your garbage bins as frequently as possible will make them less inviting for pests.


Prevention of pest infestation requires a lot of discipline from every member of the family. Do not wait for your pest problems to become worse. Take the necessary actions and avoid costly expenditures. It is also beneficial to have Gilbert pest control professional services to inspect your property and do the right course of action.


Call Gilbert pest control if your home is still suffering from a pest infestation.


Four Reasons Why Oak Beams Are Perfect for Your Home

If you plans  to renovate or build a new home, you often think of unique designs that will make your house elegant and classy. One of the attractive options is having a wooden beam. You may have hesitations in installing one, not to worry, here are some reasons why structural oak beams are a perfect addition to your home.

It is Structurally Strong

One reason why oak beam is a popular choice because historically, it was chosen as an excellent building material for it becomes stronger and harder as it age. It high in density, low weight, may decrease in width, but not with length. Standard beams work to accommodate shrinkage for its initial outlay.

For centuries, builders and architects use oak beams, and because of its quantity, it makes it easy to foresee how the wood will move or bend.

It Looks Timeless

Since the dawn of 5th century, oak is common in structures because of its versatility, flexibility, and strength, and it makes it unfading for most people. Timber will gain more essence as it seasons through shakes or small splits, making the wood more attractive.

Also, with a timber beam, light differently diffuses that gives your room a softer radiance compared to the intense light from concrete beams. Oak timber is delightful to touch, aesthetically pleasing, and it has that distinct smell that you cannot mistake for oak.

It is Resilient and Safe

Naturally, oa can repel insects without being adequately treated. It breathes and is highly porous, making the moisture to penetrate the wood freely. Aside from that, oak timber surprisingly do well in the instance of fire because of its high degree of material density and low thermal conductivity level.

Oak also proves that in case of an accident, it retains its strenghth to bear load and shape, which makes it one of the best backing materials, which helps in making your home safe for you and your family.

It is Easy to Style

Oak timber is a flexible material that allows you a wide array of choices in picking a style you want for your home. You can either go on a more modern approach with reclaimed beams or a rustic style with thicker untreated timbers or go with both options.


Oak beams can help your home look more elegant and safer, thanks to its strength and timeless look. Aside from the said reasons above, oak is sustainable. If you are looking for timber beams for your new home, you can’t go wrong with hardwood.

The Best UPS Options for Your Business Needs

eaton upsPower interruptions are a business owner’s nightmare. It can ruin presentations, disrupt client transactions, and most importantly result in data damage. Downtime and data losses are significant factors in your productivity and overall business output. Here’s where having a UPS come in play.


Importance of Having UPS System

Uninterruptible Power Supply systems play a significant role in ensuring business continuity. A UPS provides you protection against brownouts or surge and safeguards data, software and hardware from damages. Your pieces of equipment will be safe even from extreme weather conditions and lightning strikes. A high-quality UPS system will detect any electric fluctuations and supply the appropriate power. UPS Systems are also eco-friendly and would usually last you up to five years with environment-friendly way.


APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA UPS

This UPS system can power up to 865W of electronic devices. You can connect up to 10 devices, with five for back up and offers surge protection. It has an LCD and up to 6 feet cords.


APC 2200VA Smart-UPS with SmartConnect

Cloud-enabled for distributed IT systems, this particular unit is an ideal choice for business owners. The Smart Connect user portal allows administrators to monitor status, keep the firm updated and maximize performance. The APC UPS unit can accommodate over five hours and 30 minutes of battery backup. That power is accessible for up to 10 pieces of hardware with 10 AC outlets on the back.


Eaton 5P750RC

The Eaton 5P750RC is one of the first choices for affordable line-interactive uninterruptible power supply models. It has a slimmer and taller design, which is a space saver. Eaton UPS machines use ABM technology, which has an efficient charging technique. The Eaton 5P750RC is installed with the Intelligent Power Manager software, that provides its users with the means to control and operate the UPS remotely.


Eaton Electrical 5SC1500

Eaton UPS systems are one of the trusted American brands in terms of focusing towards the power quality and distribution, as well as industrial automation. The Eaton Electrical 5SC1500 aerates through numerous vent holes, and if the internal temperature rises above the normal levels, there is a built-in fan that helps cooling down the case.


Best Place to Buy

In need of some technical support for your business? Power Pros, Inc. has fifteen years of experience in the industry. With a sales team that have your best interests in mind, you can partner with them from choosing the systems, installation, and overall maintenance. Head on to for your IT needs!


Don’t DIY: 7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Electrician

The internet is a wonderland of life hacks, tips, and Do-It-Yourself tutorials. It is very tempting to try them, and sometimes they work, but when your problems are as sensitive as electricity, the best option is to call an expert.


  1. Safety Concerns

Electricity is dangerous, and can even be deadly if you are not 100 percent sure about what you are doing. Hiring someone that is licensed would definitely be safer than being unsurely doing it yourself.


  1. Utilize Your Time

Time is so expensive, and you know it is impossible to get back. Gathering all the knowledge alone will take time before you can start doing the repairs. The electric repairs if done incorrectly, will delay the process and can even cause additional damage.


  1. Save Unnecessary Costs

Are you really saving money by doing things yourself?  Probably not. Your best option is to hire an experienced and licensed electrician who will do everything right the first time.


  1. Lessen Your Stress

You might the process is simple, but electricity involves an extensive wiring network. When you try to repair a problem on your own, you may end up getting into other circuits that you weren’t equipped for, making things even more costly and complicated.


  1. Your Future Safety

If an electrical job has been entirely carelessly or mistakenly completed, it can lead to safety hazards in your home, including fires and electric shocks.


  1. Education and Experience

Hiring a licensed electrician comes with someone who has a vast catalog of electrical knowledge you cannot just search and absorb from the internet. Remember to research on their background to assure they are trained, experienced, licensed, and backed up by insurance.


  1. Dealing with Frustration

Unlicensed homeowners can only take so much problem-solving. A professional electrician is usually better qualified to troubleshoot potential issues when you make mistakes. Their experience made them exposed to problems in other homes, which will help them come up with the best solution much sooner a novice would have.


You Need the Electric Pros

For the best electricians in Dallas, whether residential or commercial, the Electric Pros got you covered! With 24 Hour Operations, you can set appointments or call during emergencies. From installations, broken wires, and troubleshooting, the Electric Pros are the trusted local electricians in Dallas.

4 Ways to Operate Conveyors Safely

conveyorsIndustries use conveyors to increase business productivity and enhance workers’ safety. Like any other equipment, this system can cause injuries so better treat it with caution. An employee who uses the machine needs to understand the safety and security of operating the machine.


Apply the following basic rules and standards to use conveyors safely.


Be Prepared and Trained


Want to get the job done quickly but safe? Learn how to operate the conveyors properly. Whether you are a professional machine operator or a newbie, regular training is needed to get updated with the latest procedures. It is one way to reduce safety risks and work more effectively.


In case of emergencies, know how to stop the machine and clear any obstructions. Take note of the hazard signs and safety information guides.


Get your Gears on


Wear proper protective gear in the work area. Ensure that you possess complete equipment- safety shoes, ear plugs, gloves, safety glasses, and hard hat. Although the conveyors do the heavy lifting, keep in mind that safety and health precautions are necessary.


Understand the Conveyor


All types of conveyor come with possible hazards. Be aware of all parts of the specific equipment, main risks, safety, and, most importantly, how it works. Know where the manual procedure located and regularly read.


Focus on what you’re doing. Although you’ve done the same work every day, safety hazard is a must. Know when and how much to load in a running conveyor to avoid breakdowns and jams. It can also lower the risk of overheating.


Keep the Equipment Clean


A key to keep the equipment safe and to work well is to provide check-up regularly. Be aware of possible jams, rollers build up, and debris to avoid injuries and accidents. Make it a habit to clean the area of conveyors before and after using it. It lengthens the life of the machine and reduces possible breakdowns.


Summing Things Up


Aside from self-care, routine maintenance of machinery is a must to solve any issues and repairs. Call the experts and have the support team handle all the technical matters. Prevent any accidents and injuries by merely knowing how to safely and adequately use the conveyors– the basics and hazards.