Fusionex to Provide Digital Solutions to Powerhouse Conglomerate

The multi-awarded data technology provider Fusionex was able to win a multi-year contract with one of the largest logistics conglomerates in the world. This international logistics group has 350,000 personnel in more than 200 countries. And, Fusionex has been prudently chosen to provide state-of-the-art digital solutions to this powerhouse conglomerate to improve customer experience and business insights.

About Fusionex

Fusionex, an established multi-award-winning company, specializes in Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It aims to help clients to derive insights and realize revenues from data. With its innovative and breakthrough data-driven platforms, Fusionex is the largest Big Data Analytics company and market leader in the ASEAN. It delivers technology solutions to various large corporations, small and medium enterprises across the United States, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Benefits of Fusionex Services

Fusionex is excited to simplify, transform, and integrate advanced digital technologies into its new client’s business operations and processes. The innovative AI-powered solutions Fusionex has can help customers get immediate answers to their needs, which is the priority of businesses. Enhanced customer experience can open doors of possibilities to the logistics industry.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Through the cutting-edge solutions from Fusionex, clients can take advantage of its leveraged AI, Machine Learning, and Automation. These technological strategies can help companies improve their logistics systems and daily operations. A fully automated AI-powered virtual sales assistant can quickly resolve multiple customer requests and shipment orders.

Pro-Active Operations

Logistics companies cannot remain reactive all the time. Fusionex can help clients become proactive through its GIANT’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This technology transforms manual processes into speedy autonomous ones. Thus, customer orders will be flawlessly integrated into the client’s back-office system creating responsive 24/7 customer interaction.

Long-Term Sustainability

With the continually available VA, AI, and Machine Learning, companies can handle hundreds of thousands of shipment orders at any time. Consequently, long-term sustainability that can cope with increasing customer requests will be achievable. Despite this advanced technology, digital solutions that Fusionex provides are easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated into an organization’s system.

Fusionex continues to take on the challenge of providing innovative digital technology solutions to companies, big or small, across the world. Its new contract with an international logistics conglomerate is proof that Fusionex remains to be a trusted company when it comes to Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data.