4 Things That Set Our Bathtub Refinishing Kit Apart

Does your bathtub look dead? Are you afraid of your guests seeing your bathtub in its current condition? If yes – it’s time for you to think about refinishing it. Refinishing a bathtub is known by various names, such as reglazing or giving it a new life. The good thing about reglazing or refinishing is that your bathtub will look brand new when done the right way. There are a few things that can make all the difference in your refinishing project.


Before we begin, let’s discuss various options you have when it comes to replacing. Let’s be honest: you have only two options. One option is to call an expert who will use their experience, expertise, and a ton of elbow grease to breathe new life into your bathtub. They will make it shine, but that expertise and experience come at a price. Be ready to shell out a few hundred dollars on materials and labor if that’s the route you choose.


Fortunately, there is another option, which is the DIY route.


DIY is trendy these days. There are endless guides and videos online that give you the confidence that you can do everything on your own. Fortunately, refinishing your bathtub is one thing you can do on your own, provided you are ready to spend some quality time with your bathtub. Hundreds of bathtub refinishing kits are sold online and in-home improvement stores, with each product claiming to be the best and the final product you need. These kits are not new. The spray-on refinishing kits have been available for a long time, but not everyone is fond of using those sprays.


One of the reasons nobody likes those refinishing sprays is the toxic fumes produced in the process. Those old sprays on products use harmful chemicals that make your house smell like a chemical factory. If you use those products, consider yourself lucky if your neighbor doesn’t think you are engaged in illegal activity. You should also know that those toxic fumes are not suitable for your health. If you are bent on using those sprays on refinishing products, don’t forget to buy a good quality respirator or a costly exhaust system to keep yourself safe.


Thankfully, there is another option. You can buy our new refinishing kit that is entirely different. We have developed the kit to overcome the shortcomings of those dated spray-on products. With our kit, you don’t have to worry about toxic fumes or any other issues. It’s really simple to apply, and you get complete instructions on how to use this refinishing product to give a new life to your bathtub.


Here is what sets our bathtub refinishing kit apart from those spray-on refinishing products:


  1. Completely odorless


If you want only one reason to choose our refinishing kit, let it be this. It is completely odorless. Yes, you read it right. It does not produce any odor or smell. Nobody will know that you are refinishing your bathtub. Your house is not going to turn into a chemical factory floor. You will have a completely hassle-free experience when using our refinishing kit to get that shiny surface back.


  1. Quick results


With most of the refinishing kits sold in the market, you need to wait for an extended period to see the results, but with our kit, you will be surprised when you witness the transformation of your bathtub. We have designed this product from the ground up to ensure that our customers get the results they expect a refinishing kit to provide. It has the original pour on recasting resin, which means you get the original shine and finish back, which is impossible with other kits available in the market.


  1. DIY friendly


Our bathtub refinishing kit has been designed to be completely DIY friendly. You will get everything you need in the package to recast your bathtub without any fumes or peeling problems. You get a complete set of instructions that needs to be followed precisely to get the results you want. Many of the other refinishing kits available in the market do not include any instructions and expect the buyers to know everything about using that product. We have ensured that you shouldn’t have any problems following the instructions as everything has been explained in detail.


  1. Much thicker


Our recasting kit is 20 times thicker as compared to the dated spray-on coatings. These spray-on coatings are so thin that people have peeling problems within a few weeks, but that’s not going to happen when you use our refinishing kit. As mentioned above, it has the original pour on recasting resin, which will create a thick layer of coating on your bathtub and make it shine like new.



To conclude, our bathtub refinishing kit is entirely odorless, and you won’t need a respirator or an exhaust system to apply our product. It is 20 times thicker as compared to the regular spray-on coatings you can buy in the market. Buy our refinishing kit and give a new lease of life to your bathtub today.