4 Secrets of Defense Attorneys in Jacksonville

If you’re facing severe penalties or prison for a crime you are innocent of, always consult your defense attorney Jacksonville. Despite your knowledge about law, you will still need the mind of a lawyer. They are trained to weigh all the given factors in developing the best case theory with guaranteed success.

Police Misconduct

Unfortunately, some officials of the law commit misconduct as they do investigations. Those who made mistakes may want to cover up their tracks, or they may convince themselves of a guilty suspect. Therefore, engaging in more misconduct to build a more durable case.

Police delinquency can take several forms, but among the most common are:

  • Improper doctoring, planting, or handling of evidence.
  • They are coercing suspects and witnesses.
  • Lying or fabricating facts in their reports or a testimonial courtroom.
  • They use unnecessary force such as pepper spray or tasers on subjects that cooperate.

If your defense attorney in Jacksonville can identify and also prove wrongdoings of law enforcers, it can sustain as leverage for the dismissal of your case along with a potential pursuit of a civil rights claim that seeks damages.

Involuntary Intoxication

Several statuses of criminals require “specific intents” for committed crimes. If the defendant was intoxicated out of his free will, that is a known complete defense to any crimes. For instance, a person stealthily drugs a defendant’s drink, resulting in involuntary intoxication. A doctor could also prescribe you certain medicines without warning you of the potential side effects it can cause. However, if you took any drugs or alcohol without being forced or coerced, you can’t claim involuntary intoxication.

Compelled or False Confessions

In several cases, police have a history of convincing innocent suspects to false admissions using various mental strategies. It may even lead to sleep deprivation, physical threats, and starvation. The juveniles have the most exposure to coercion. If your defense attorney from Jacksonville can provide enough evidence of oppression, then they can create another case where the admission is excluded from evidence.

Double Jeopardy

With the US Constitution protecting its citizens, people are protected from being prosecuted twice and from facing several punishments at once for the same crime. Therefore, you can’t have a trial with a suspect if the offense they did was exactly like one they did before. It prohibits the prosecution from trying for the same crime, despite carrying new evidence into the light.

If you’re accused of a crime that you did not involve in, make sure you have your defense attorney with you. Not only do they protect you, but you’re also guaranteed a winning case.