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The Best UPS Options for Your Business Needs

eaton upsPower interruptions are a business owner’s nightmare. It can ruin presentations, disrupt client transactions, and most importantly result in data damage. Downtime and data losses are significant factors in your productivity and overall business output. Here’s where having a UPS come in play.


Importance of Having UPS System

Uninterruptible Power Supply systems play a significant role in ensuring business continuity. A UPS provides you protection against brownouts or surge and safeguards data, software and hardware from damages. Your pieces of equipment will be safe even from extreme weather conditions and lightning strikes. A high-quality UPS system will detect any electric fluctuations and supply the appropriate power. UPS Systems are also eco-friendly and would usually last you up to five years with environment-friendly way.


APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA UPS

This UPS system can power up to 865W of electronic devices. You can connect up to 10 devices, with five for back up and offers surge protection. It has an LCD and up to 6 feet cords.


APC 2200VA Smart-UPS with SmartConnect

Cloud-enabled for distributed IT systems, this particular unit is an ideal choice for business owners. The Smart Connect user portal allows administrators to monitor status, keep the firm updated and maximize performance. The APC UPS unit can accommodate over five hours and 30 minutes of battery backup. That power is accessible for up to 10 pieces of hardware with 10 AC outlets on the back.


Eaton 5P750RC

The Eaton 5P750RC is one of the first choices for affordable line-interactive uninterruptible power supply models. It has a slimmer and taller design, which is a space saver. Eaton UPS machines use ABM technology, which has an efficient charging technique. The Eaton 5P750RC is installed with the Intelligent Power Manager software, that provides its users with the means to control and operate the UPS remotely.


Eaton Electrical 5SC1500

Eaton UPS systems are one of the trusted American brands in terms of focusing towards the power quality and distribution, as well as industrial automation. The Eaton Electrical 5SC1500 aerates through numerous vent holes, and if the internal temperature rises above the normal levels, there is a built-in fan that helps cooling down the case.


Best Place to Buy

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